the Christian and Modern establishments with their dependence on conventional modes for transmitting information (especially the written word). The forbidden secret of the Gothick God is that you can be informed from within, by means of innate structures, which are stimulated by actual experience in the framework of objective intellectual knowledge (undefiled wisdom). When the right constellation of individuals with this knowledge are present the Age of Dependence—on Medieval Churches or Modern Governments—will begin to come to an end.

When the right constellation of individuals with this knowledge are present the Age of Dependence-on Medieval Churches or Modern Governments—will begin to come to an end.

The Gothick God of Darkness is the Unknown God, the Hidden God—and hence the God of unknown and hidden things. His actions are hidden because he is hidden. Mere words cannot reveal this information, only Words (the hidden forms behind certain key concepts) can do this. It is these which hold the secrets of eternal consciousness and power beyond death. Look, you see it before you now! If you see it, you must work to realize it within—and having mastered it there, to realize it without.

In his landmark work The Postmodern Condition, the French critic Jean- François Lyotard has some interesting things to say about the character of knowledge and the unknown in the coming years:

Postmodern science—by concerning itself with such things as undecidables, the limits of precise control, conflicts characterized by incomplete information, ‘fracta,’ catastrophes and pragmatic paradoxes—is theorizing its own evolution as discontinuous, catastrophic, non rectifiable, and paradoxical. It is changing the meaning of the word knowledge, while expressing how such change can take place. It is producing not the known, but the unknown. (p. 60)

Among the unknown things which will be produced in the Unmanifest zone, which the profane call the “future,” will be the engendering of a new Gothick realm which will be none other than the remanifestation of the elder realm. As yet it lives in crimson darkness, but in the spiraling tower the Gothick God waits and watches as those who will call his realm forth work their wills

upon the world.

Reyn til R na!


Brian Barritt, to the best of his recollection, has been called a genius by at least three different people, but then he has been called many other things as well. Over the years he has been an author, painter, prisoner, dope fiend, comedian, Krautrocker, occultist, raving maniac and Beatnik, and has known many notable figures including William Burroughs, Alexander Trochi, Ash Ra Tempel, H.R. Giger, Sergius Golowin and Timothy Leary. Amazingly, and this defies all logic and reason, he is about the only notable figure from this Beatnik era to survive into the 21 st century. Needless to say, he is still up to no good. His website is

Hakim Bey (No information available)

Brian Butler is a writer, producer, and musician living in Los Angeles. He has extensively researched and practiced western magic for 20 years and is considered an expert in occultism. A former member of the Golden Dawn, he now heads his own Magical Order with newly revised rituals based on the teachings of Cameron, C. F. Russell and Charles Stansfeld Jones. Interested aspirants may contact him directly by email:

Vere Chappell began his study and practice of the occult arts in 1985. In 1989 he joined the Ordo Templi Orientis, and led one of its local bodies in Los Angeles for eight years. In 1997 he was appointed to the post of Grand Treasurer General for the O.T.O. within the United States, in which capacity he continues to serve today. He is also a Bishop of the Gnostic Catholic Church and performs the Gnostic Mass monthly. Mr. Chappell has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Science from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He is a senior partner in a technology consulting firm and also owns an Internet production company. His interests include cognitive psychology, photography, occult history and esoteric sexuality. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the United States, including recent research trips to Great Britain, France, and Italy. Mr. Chappell lives in Southern California with his lovely wife and priestess, Lita-Luise, and their two feline familiars.

Joe Coleman’s paintings are unflinching autopsies of the human condition.

Wielding his single-hair brush like a scalpel, Coleman forces us to join him in a brutal project to document the frailties and cruelties of the flesh and the bizarre junctions between saint and sinner, sacred and profane, holy and horrifying. In tortured self-portraits, apocalyptic “humanscapes” and portraits of historical figures from outlaw hero John Dillinger to Gangs of New York- era mercenary Albert Hicks to outsider artist Henry Darger, Joe Coleman packs his images with fascinating information and excruciating, hallucinatory detail. Joe Coleman’s paintings have been exhibited at the American Visionary Art Museum, the Hieronymus Bosch Museum, and the Wadsworth Athenaeum.

Erik Davis is a San Franciso-based writer currently working on a cultural history of California spirituality. His book TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information became a cult hit after being released in the fall of 1998, and has been translated into numerous languages. Davis is a contributing editor for Wired and Trip magazines and has contributed essays to a number of recent collections, including Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics, Sound Unbound, Prefiguring Cyberculture, and Radical Spirit. Davis appeared in Craig Baldwin’s underground film, Specters of the Spectrum, and has lectured internationally on technoloculture, electronic music, and spiritual weirdness. Some of his work can be accessed at, and he can be reached at

Nevill Drury was born in Hastings, England, in 1947 but has lived most of his life in Australia. He has been interested in western magic and consciousness research for over 30 years and has written widely on shamanism and the western esoteric tradition, as well as on contemporary art. He holds a Masters degree in anthropology from Macquarie University in Sydney and is the author of over 40 books, including Exploring the Labyrinth, Sacred Encounters, The Elements of Shamanism, Pan’s Daughter and The Dictionary of the Esoteric. His work has been published in fifteen languages.

Stephen Edred Flowers is the world’s leading expert on esoteric, or “radical” Runology. He has written or translated nearly 40 books on this and related subjects. In 1980 he founded the Rune-Gild, the world’s most influential initiatory organization dedicated to Rune-Work on the Odian path. His work in Runology extends into academic pursuits and in 1984 he received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin with a dissertation

entitled Runes and Magic. He has recently founded the Woodharrow Institute for Germanic and Runic Studies. Edred is also the owner of Runa-Raven Press and lives with his wife, Crystal, at Woodharrow near Austin, Texas. His work is devoted to seeking the principle of RUNA—the Mystery—as understood in the mythic idiom of the Germanic peoples.

Michael Goss, of Irish-Dutch parentage, spent his formative years in the Navy town of Portsmouth in the South of England. He started out as a photographer and occasional journalist before founding Delectus Books, in 1988; a publishing house and bookseller, which he still runs while occasionally editing books for other publishers ( Michael has one of the finest archives of erotica in private hands and is always looking to add new material on his travels. He currently spends his time between his London base and frequent trips to the Amazon in Colombia.

John Grigsby Geiger was born in Ithaca, New York, and graduated in history from the University of Alberta. He is the author of Chapel of Extreme Experience, the true story of how the discovery of flicker potentials, and scientific observations about strange patterns, organized hallucinations, and even the displacement of time derived from stroboscopic light, very nearly resulted in a Dream Machine in every suburban living room. It is published in the US by Soft Skull. His other books include the international bestseller Frozen In Time, about the role lead poisoning played in the destruction of the 1845 Franklin Expedition. His work has been translated into seven languages.

T Allen Greenfield is 56, married, father of three, native of Augusta, Georgia. A world traveler and writer since his middle teen years, he has taken a decidedly unconventional approach to already highly unconventional subjects. The author of half a dozen books on offbeat, controversial and esoteric topics, Greenfield has been a UFO field investigator, radical political activist, professional psychic, science fiction buff, occultist and theologian. He professes only two fundamentals: Scientific Illuminism, or the method of science employed in pursuit of the aims of religion, and that the world as-it-is is sufficiently unsatisfactory that exploration of almost any ethical out-of-the- box alternative, however outré, is worth the effort. He would like it known that he had no influence, or say, on the title of this anthology and his opinions are his own and do not reflect or represent the opinions of any organization.

Phil Hine became widely-known as a proponent of Chaos Magic, a

(post)modern magical current based on the idea that beliefs are tools, not ends in themselves. In keeping with this spirit, Phil no longer has much to do with Chaos Magic. Gravitating to Chaos groups in Yorkshire in the ’80s, Phil published a series of booklets on “Urban Shamanism,” and a magic primer that recently became Condensed Chaos (New Falcon, 1995)—described by William Burroughs as “the most concise statement of the logic of modern magic.” He has also written Prime Chaos (New Falcon, 1999) and The Pseudonomicon (Chaos International, 1998). He spent some time editing the now defunct Chaos International magazine, as well as Pagan News, which he edited intermittently between 1988 and 1992. He has contributed to numerous other publications.

Peter-R. Koenig, a victim of two petit-bourgeois sins, gluttony and anger, is Swiss-born but lives exclusively on∼koenig where his occult histories are located for your reading pleasure.

Gary Lachman is the author of Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius (The Disinformation Company, 2003). A founding member of Blondie, as Gary Valentine he was responsible for some of the group’s early hits and is the author of New York Rocker: My Life in The Blank Generation With Blondie, Iggy Pop and Others 1974-1981 (Sidgwick & Jackson). His most recent book is A Secret History of Consciousness (Anthroposophic Press). A frequent contributor to Fortean Times, MOJO, The Guardian and Times Literary Supplement, his new CD, Tomorrow Belongs to You, is available from Overground Records ( and his forthcoming books include A Dark Muse: The Dedalus Book of the Occult (Dedalus) and The Sly Man: The Story of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky (Quest Books). Born in New Jersey, after lengthy sojourns in New York and Los Angeles, he moved to London in 1996.

Paul Laffoley was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1940. He spoke his first word, “Constantinople,” at six months, then remained silent until the age of four (having been diagnosed as slightly autistic), when he began to draw and paint. He has continued as a self-taught artist to the present. He was dismissed from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, but managed to apprentice with the sculptor Mirko Baseldella, before going to New York to apprentice with the visionary architect Frederick Kiesler. He formed the Boston Visionary Cell, Inc. in 1971. He has participated in over two hundred exhibits, nationally and internationally. In 1990, he became a registered


Tim Maroney is a software architect, occult scholar, spiritual practitioner, and bon vivant living in Berkeley, California. His studies in the sciences bring a unique perspective to his intimate treatment of mysticism and the occult. Tim has been a professional writer for over 20 years, appearing in Gnosis, develop and other magazines and newspapers. He pioneered creative writing on computer networks; some of his published and network essays are collected at Tim has studied Western occultism and Eastern religion since childhood, and began yoga, meditation and ritual in 1978. He is an ordained Gnostic Priest and a confirmed skeptic. He practices ritual in the Ordo Templi Orientis, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, and the Golden Dawn tradition. His biographical introduction to The Book of Dzyan was called “the most insightful and balanced discussion of Blavatsky’s writings to date” by leading Theosophical historian K. Paul Johnson. Tim is working on his second book, Scientific Meditations.

Robert S. Mason was born 1948 and resides in Virginia. He has studied Anthroposophy since 1982 with no formal training. Opinions expressed are his own and he represents no organization, Anthroposophical or otherwise.

Born in 1946, author and explorer Terence McKenna spent over 25 years in the study of the ontological foundations of shamanism and the ethno- pharmacology of spiritual transformation. McKenna graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a distributed major in Ecology, Resource Conservation and Shamanism. After graduation he traveled extensively in the Asian and New World Tropics, becoming specialized in the shamanism and ethno-medicine of the Amazon Basin. With his brother Dennis, he is the author of The Invisible Landscape and Psilocybin: The Magic Mushroom Growers’ Guide. Other books include a study of the impact of psychotropic plants on human culture and evolution, Food of the Gods, and a book of essays and conversations, The Archaic Revival. His True Hallucinations is a narrative of spiritual adventure set in the jungles of the Colombian Amazon. Terence McKenna died on April 3, 2000.

Richard Metzger is the co-founder of The Disinformation Company and for two seasons hosted and directed the Disinformation TV series that ran on Britain’s Channel 4 network. A 2-DVD set and a companion book of the series, Disinformation: The Interviews, are published by The Disinformation


John S. Moore, born 1948, is a freelance scholar and maverick philosopher now living in Islington North London. He studied philosophy at King’s College, University of London 1966-69. He has published several papers on Nietzsche, as well as on other figures like Crowley, Bulwer-Lytton, Schopenhauer, and Wittgenstein. He has also published three volumes of poetry.

Grant Morrison is highly regarded as one of the most original and inventive writers in the comics medium. His revisionist Batman book Arkham Asylum (with artist Dave McKean) has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and won numerous awards, making it the most successful original graphic novel to be published in America. He has written comics for 25 years and has contributed groundbreaking and best-selling runs of popular stories for the major companies including DC Comics characters JLA, Doom Patrol, Animal Man and Marvel Comics’ X-Men and Fantastic Four. In addition he has created a number of revolutionary new series including Zenith, Sebastian O, The Invisibles, Marvel Boy and the cult classics Kill Your Boyfriend and The Mystery Play. In July 1997, he was the first comic book writer to be included as one of Entertainment Weekly’s top 100 creative people in America. Current projects include “Sleepless Knights,” an original screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks SKG and his first novel, The IF. He has recently finished working with Universal on a “Battlestar Galactica” computer game and others, including original concepts, are in discussion with various developers. He is currently writing the critically acclaimed, best- selling monthly, New XMen for Marvel Comics and an original 13-part social-surrealist series The Filth for DC/Vertigo. He lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.