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Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari
Founded 1956
Founder Samuel Weiser
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Newburyport, Massachusetts
Distribution self-distribution (US)
Georgetown Publications (Canada)
Brumby Sunstate (Australia)
Hay House (South Africa)
Deep Books (Europe)
Curreri World Services (Asia)[1]
Publication types Books
Fiction genres New Age, occult
Imprints Red Wheel, Weiser Books, Conari Books, Disnformation Books, Turning Stone Press, Career Press, New Page Books
Official website

Red Wheel Weiser Conari, also known in different periods in its history as RedWheel/Weiser, LLC and Samuel Weiser, Inc., is a book publisher with three imprints: Red Wheel, Weiser Books and Conari Books. It is America’s second-largest[citation needed] publisher of occult and New Age books, behind Llewellyn Worldwide, and is also one of the oldest American publishers to concentrate exclusively on that genre. It publishes on average 60-75 new titles per year and maintains a large backlist, partly of books that it originally published, and partly of older public domain rare occult books.


Weiser Books

This main imprint is also the oldest. It was founded as Samuel Weiser, Inc. in 1956, a time when few other publishers were willing to tackle occult subjects, and was originally an offshoot of the New York City retailer, Weiser Antiquarian Books. This imprint publishes the backlist and continues to acquire books on occultism, astrology, esoteric subjects, Eastern religions, Wicca and related topics.

Red Wheel

Red Wheel was founded in 2000 as an imprint for spiritually oriented or occult self-help and how-to books, and at that time the company name was changed from Samuel Weiser, Inc. to RedWheel/Weiser, with several other variations being commonly seen, including Weiser, Inc.

Conari Books

This imprint was acquired in 2002. Before this, Conari Books had been a separate publisher, based in Berkeley, California, dating back to 1989. This imprint focuses on books that view sociology and parenting issues through a spiritual or New Age perspective.

Turning Stone Press

Turning Stone was founded in 2012. It is a self-publishing imprint in collaboration with Hampton Roads Publishing Company and Hierophant Publishing.[2]

Disinformation Books

Disinformation Books was founded in 1997 as the publishing division of Disinformation. It was acquired by Red Wheel/Weiser in 2012.[3]

Career Press

Career Press was founded in 1985 by Ron Fry and is focused on business books. Red Wheel/Weiser acquired Career Press in 2017.[4]

New Page Books

New Page Books was founded in 1999 as the general nonfiction imprint of Career Press.[4]


The company has been previously located in Boston and in York Beach, Maine for most of its history. In 2006, the editorial department moved to San Francisco and the sales and marketing department moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts.

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