“I have never seen anything written by Martin”

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Brian: I just had a chat with Martin on the phone. I think we’re on the same page but as I have never seen any thing written by Martin he is kindly going to send an article or two for me to look at. Secondly, he’s going to write a sample chapter for DVC Decoded.  I think we should wait for that and then if it looks good to everyone we should make our deal and get to work.

Timeline is going to be roughly this, I hope:

12/9 Sample Chapter delivered
12/16 Agreement reached / Martin starts work
12/17 Details of book sent to distributor for late off-cycle addition to spring / summer 2004 list
2/24 Manuscript delivered (with images, minimal editing required)
3/8 Editing completed
3/26 Layout completed / files to printer
4/7 Final proofs approved 4/23 Bound books ship
4/29 Books in distributor warehouse & NY office
4/31 Review copies mailed
5/17 Books ship to accounts
6/1 Books in most stores to coincide with paper back of DVC

This doesn’t allow for anything going wrong, so it will require everyone to pay attention and work fast and well, but I think it’s doable.

Martin raised the possibility of his traveling to take photos, etc. but as the timeline is so tight I think it will be faster and cheaper to refer to his


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Below is a rough idea of how Martin thought the book might go. We were estimating a date of the end of February to mid March to get the final manuscript into you.That should give Martin 2-3 months to research and write, and you 3-4 months for editing / printing etc. 

He said he has several days off during the holidays and this project will be the focus of his time. The bio you asked for will come soon.

Brian Albert

Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine

Martin Lunn wrote:

I think that the following material should be covered, written in the order in which it is first mentioned in the DVC.
(Jacques Saunière).  Perhaps the story of Bérenger Saunière should start the book off as theories connected to it resonate throughout the book.

*Opus Dei.
*They mention the New York and London offices, but the order started in Spain.

*The Priory of Sion and information on the Plantard St Clairs.
*Analyses of the Madonna of the Rocks and the Virgin of the Rocks.
*Holy Grail theories including the alleged Holy Grail chalice in Valencia Cathedral, Spain
*Emperor Constantine including details on the Donation of Conastantine
*The marriage of Christ including marriage customs of the time
*Mediterranean churches with Mary Magdelene references to the sea etc. (?Madonna of the Sea?
*Benjamin and Davidic bloodlines
*Dagobert story
*Atbash cipher

Places ?visitied?:
*Eglise de Saint-Sulpice Rue Haxo in Paris
*Chateau Villette near Paris
*Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan Temple Church in London
*King?s College theological database in London
*Westminster Abbey
-Newton tomb
–Chapter House
-St Faith?s Chapel
-Rosslyn Chapel


Gary Baddeley wrote:

Great –can’t wait to hear his thoughts.


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