“Perhaps.. get other recognized people.. to say how great you are”

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Martin– what I’d like is something that focuses on your qualifications as an expert on all the stuff in Da Vinci Code.  May be you have a history degree, or you are an officer or member of historical societies, or you have been widely interviewed or quoted on the relevant topics, etc.

Although it’s interesting, where you have lived and your experience in Kurdistan is not really persuasive as to why you are THE authority on the topics in DVC.

You approach the issue in the third and fourth sentences, but they don’t give an air of authority. Perhaps you could get other recognized people in the field to say how great you are –Tracy and Boyd perhaps, and others too.

Don’t be scared to hype yourself. I don’t want fabrications of course, but make the very most of your expertise and get others to say what you may not be comfortable saying yourself.


PS I read the prequel to DVC, Angels & Demons, on holiday.  He is such a schlocky writer!  DVC is better, but it uses the same idea of basing a cheesy thriller around historical research –in this case the illuminati and the vatican.

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Hello Brian,

Is this more what is required?

“Martin Lunn is English and has lived in Barcelona since 1997. He has lived throughout the Far and Middle East, and in the USA as well as several countries in Europe. He is a freelance journalist who was involved in the first elections in Kurdistan, and has written on a wide variety of topics. His interest in the truth behind western history dates back the 1980s, when a number of chance encounters inspired him to find out more. In particular, this led to his concentrated study of how history has dealt with the Davidic bloodline, and the resulting implications today.”

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